Friday, September 24

Colau denies his leap into state politics: “I’m not thinking of anywhere else than in Barcelona”

The mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has left this Tuesday in the wake of the news that places her taking a leap into state politics. In two interviews granted this Tuesday to Catalunya Ràdio and Rac1, the leader of the ‘comuns’ has assured that she is not thinking of leaving for Madrid, much less of joining the central government. “I deny it, it is 100% false,” Colau assured, “I don’t see myself as a minister and I have no idea where this headline comes from,” he said.

This Monday The Confidential reported of the plans of the mayor of Barcelona in the new political project led by the Vice President of the Government Yolanda Díaz. According to this information, Colau would be interested in actively joining that space, for which he would leave the mayor’s office in the hands of his number two, Jordi Martí. Based on this information, rumors and articles about the intentions of the leader of Barcelona En Comú have multiplied.

However, the mayor has denied that she is thinking of leaving the mayor’s office at this time. “I am not thinking of any other place than in Barcelona,” he assured, to later deny that he had any conversation in this regard “neither with Yolanda Díaz or with anyone.”

However, Colau has preferred not to clarify even if he plans to run for a third term in the City Council. “There are more than two years left, I don’t think this is the time to say it,” he assured. Precisely last May it was the deputy mayor Jordi Martí who launched the idea that Colau opted again as head of the list in the municipal elections, a possibility that the mayor herself does not reject, although at the beginning of his mandate he assured that he would only be two mandates in the mayoralty.