Monday, July 26

Colau warns of lack of means to close squares and beaches at night as requested by the Government

The Government has asked the municipalities to restrict access to parks, squares and beaches from 00:30, as a measure to prevent COVID-19 infections. At that time is when bars and restaurants should close. But the mayors have already warned that this will not be so simple, since without the curfew they do not have enough means to enforce it. The first voices that have expressed it publicly are the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, and that of Badalona, ​​Xavier Garcia Albiol.

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“If what they want is a curfew, ask for it. And if not, let them tell us exactly what can be done in the squares, beaches and in public spaces ”, Colau lamented in an interview in Catalunya Ràdio, in which he warned that they do not have“ enough ”resources to close all of them the kilometers of beach in the city. “When the bars close at 00.30 there will be tens of thousands of people who will be in the street and it will not be prohibited,” said Colau, who has asked the Generalitat for help and more clarity in its guidelines if they want to avoid crowds in public space .

“I do not want to make controversies and that this is interpreted as a battle, what we ask is clarity, what can be done and what not,” Colau insisted. And in a similar vein he has expressed himself about music festivals, which can no longer be celebrated as Cruïlla or Canet Rock have done: standing up and without distances. “Let’s tell people what can and cannot be done. If they are only cultural activities with prior reservation and a chair, without drinking or eating, let them say so and we will do it ”, he added. This Tuesday they will hold a new meeting with the Catalan Administration to resolve these issues.

For his part, Albiol has expressed himself on Twitter in similar terms. “Transferring to the mayors, as the Government does, the responsibility of closing beaches and parks after 00:30 seems to me a huge irresponsibility. I ask the Generalitat for courage and to decree a curfew, otherwise the measure is literally impossible ”, he stated.

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