Thursday, December 9

ColorOS 12 against the gossips: the Android version of OPPO detects if someone is looking at your mobile and camouflages the notifications

The layers of customization of mobile manufacturers are usually limited to offering a different look than Google’s pure Android, but in some cases they also add cool and nifty features.

It is the case of a new feature of ColorOS 12, the Android version that OPPO mobiles integrate. In this version there is a function that thanks to the front camera detect if someone is gossiping on your mobile screen. If so, change the notifications so that a complete text appears that prevents others from knowing what they are saying to us, for example on WhatsApp.


In OPPO they call it “Anti-peeping for Notifications” (something like “anti-notifications antimymes”) and it is a function that use artificial intelligence and the front camera to detect if there are other people looking at our screen.

On the left, the complete notification. On the right, what we will see if other people are detected looking at the screen of our mobile: the message is hidden and the notification simply shows that a WhatsApp message has arrived.

In the event that this situation is detected, the system takes care of camouflaging the notifications: if, for example, a notification appears with a WhatsApp message from a friend, this technology will hide it and will not show who sends it or the text: instead of that it will simply indicate that we have an unread WhatsApp message, but without indicating anything else.

Although the option takes center stage in ColorOS 12, in reality an identical feature already existed in Huawei mobiles like the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro years ago. Huawei called it AI Private View, and now in OPPO they have copied the feature.

Via | Evleaks