Sunday, January 16

Comedian David Suárez acquitted for his joke about people with Down syndrome

Comedian David Suárez has been acquitted for his jokes about people with Down syndrome. The Provincial Court of Madrid has dismissed the accusation of the Prosecutor’s Office, which requested prison for him for a hate crime, and understands that his tweets were not criminal. The sentence can still be appealed before the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid.

The comedian David Suárez denies in the trial for his joke about Down syndrome that his intention was to “vex”

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The tweet that brought the comedian to the bench of the Madrid Hearing was the following, written in 2019: “The other day they gave me the best blowjob of my life. The secret was that the girl used a lot of slobber. Some advantage had to have the Down’s Syndrome”. The Prosecutor’s Office even asked for a year and 10 months in jail for him for a hate crime.

The Hearing, however, chooses to acquit him. The judges assure: “The prosecuted tweet has caused pain, has generated gratuitous damage, without on the other hand we understand that the accused has apologized”, but they add that “we are not facing a typical action of article 510 CP, it is not Hate crime, so it is only possible to issue an acquittal “.

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