Saturday, September 25

Commissioner for the grace of the Transition

The strategy of the homeland servitude after the news that the Office of the Supreme Court Prosecutor considers that there are indications that King Emeritus Juan Carlos I would have achieved his fortune as an international commission agent is to try to save the current monarch with a phrase that has been repeated insistently in all debates, gatherings and vassal columns: “you have to separate the person from the institution.”

Separating the person from the institution is what they did in France in 1789, literally separating. In Spain doing that would be called a republic. The only way for Felipe VI to be free from this controversy would be to abdicate, because he would never be king if we separate Juan Carlos I from the institution. The filial way to acquire institutions is very good to avoid competition but it makes you have to inherit the responsibilities of your predecessor, there is no more.

Another question that might be asked is at what moment would we have to separate the person from the institution to safeguard the good name of the monarchy and of Felipe VI from the criminal actions of Juan Carlos I. I am afraid that they refer solely and exclusively to the moment in which the fact that we have had such an exhaustive and deep knowledge of the emeritus’ criminal actions that it is no longer possible to deny it, it is not about actions derived from the private life of Juan Carlos de Borbón once he abdicated, it is about the spurious use of Spain and its institutions as a method of enrichment since it had some kind of responsibility. There is no clean monarchy in Spain since Franco used his finger to position it as the successor to his dictatorship.

On the other hand, the Prosecutor’s Office in its shameful delaying work is already doing everything possible so that the emeritus’ criminal activities are not prosecuted and to be able to save him from appearing in court in what would be a definitive blow to the monarchy. The intention confirmed with its neglect of functions is that the biological fact extinguishes criminal responsibilities. They wait for him to die soon, let’s go. The death of the monarch would be well received in all institutions because it would avoid further damage to the credibility of the monarchy and of the Spanish judicial institutions. It may be that dying soon is the last sacrifice for Spain that they ask Juan Carlos I.

The biggest problem faced by all those who are trying to save the embers of the story with which they cajoled millions of Spaniards is that there is no institution that has not been touched to death by the work of the king and the effort to hide their miseries from Public opinion. The king was commissioner by the grace of the Transition in the same way that he was king by the grace of Franco. There has not been a sector, from politics to the media, that does not have to burn completely to be reborn. Everything is so rotten that there is nothing to save, you have to replant. no longer fool anyone.

They didn’t fool everyone either. Because the news of his activities has not surprised those who have made an effort to find out about the true behavior of the monarch despite the majority, monolithic and hegemonic story. A story that tried to convey an exemplary character that undressed in the same heartiness, which was nothing more than a way to make up the life of a scoundrel with a term that seemed kind to the eyes of the citizens. That the king was a commissioner was written in a multitude of works by brave people who dared to express what others were keeping silent.

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