Tuesday, February 27

Communities and municipalities will compete to win new institutions in the plan against depopulation

Communities and town halls will compete to win newly created institutions within the framework of the Government’s plan to fight against depopulation. The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday a decree law that contains the procedure for the decentralization of public bodies with which it intends to extend the representativeness of the administration beyond the capital. The process will last six months from the creation of the new public entity, although it may be reduced by half, according to progress The country and government sources have confirmed to elDiario.es.

When the administration decides to create a new institution, a competition will be launched so that the territories that want to host it compete for it. For this, an advisory commission will establish the requirements that will be taken into account in the competition and that will be published in the BOE within a month. From there, the communities and local entities will be able to electronically present the candidacies for one or several municipalities to host the physical headquarters of the corresponding entity.

“After the deadline for submitting applications, the commission will request a report from the affected entity and will prepare an opinion, which may include locations not nominated, analyzing the possible venues and which will be sent to the Council of Ministers, which will adopt the agreement, which will be published in the BOE, within a maximum period of six months from the start of the procedure, ”says the Ministry of Territorial Policy. However, the deadlines may be shortened for reasons of urgency and have a duration of three months.

The work of the advisory commission will be to assist the Council of Ministers, which will have the final decision on the location of the new headquarters, but the Government emphasizes that “for the first time it must motivate the choice of a locality to house a public institution” . “The determination of the physical headquarters of the entities of the state institutional public sector will have to be produced through an objective process,” they point out in the department of Isabel Rodríguez, who assure that the selection criteria will include “social and territorial cohesion, improvement in the functioning of public services, unemployment levels or the fight against depopulation, among others”.

The decentralization of institutions is one of the pillars on which the action of the Executive against depopulation is based. In recent months, Pedro Sánchez’s cabinet has projected fifteen organizations in different parts of the country, such as an intelligent platform for tourist destinations in Benidorm, a photography center in Soria or a Vocational Training center in Segovia, among others. The intention of the Executive is to create employment “in order to fix the population”.

“It is about sharing the State, not about subtracting power from the capital”, argue government sources in the face of the criticism that the project receives fundamentally from the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “This must be a process that we approach all levels of the administration with loyalty and without rivalry,” she adds.