Friday, January 28

Company buys collectible tokens from rich and famous

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has caught the attention of many people. Some celebrities have taken the opportunity to launch their collections, but others simply prefer to make it easier for them to acquire the tokens.

That is the case with the bitcoin (BTC) payment firm, MoonPay. The company takes care of manage the purchase of NFTs, under a beta version of a service they have called MoonPay Concierge.

“It is a new service for high-net-worth individuals who want a hassle-free way to buy cryptocurrencies and high-value NFTs,” the company describes in the Web page.

Some artists who have used the services of the company have been the host of “The Tonight Show”, Jimmy Fallon and American rapper Post Malone.

Fallon made it known via Twitter, on November 12, that he had bought an NFT of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). These unique digital collectibles are based on the Ethereum network and can cost more than $ 100,000.

After sending the message on the social network, Fallon reported during an interview with digital artist Beeple, who had used MoonPay services.

Host Jimmy Fallon featured his BAYC NFT on Twitter.

«I just bought my first NFT, through MoonPay, which is like PayPal but for cryptocurrencies. I bought a Bored Ape, ”he said on The Tonight Show.

Post Malone shows an NFT and MoonPay a music video

A case similar to that of Jimmy Fallon, is that of the rapper Post Malone, although this went further, since He showed in one of his music videos How did I get a BAYC through MoonPay?.

At the beginning of the video, the artist is seen with a mobile phone in hand, entering the platform and simulating the acquisition of the Collectible # 961 by BAYC. This one is currently priced at 40 ETH ($ 163,479) on the market for NFT, OpenSea.

Post Malone makes a purchase of an NFT through MoonPay in one of his music videos.

MoonPay also uploaded a video on his TikTok account, in which he appears to be Malone buying another NFT from BAYC. In the video he says: “My friends are going to freak out, they are into all this cryptocurrencies and NFTs”.

NFT auctions in a big way

The fever unleashed by the NFTs, seems not to stop and does not only include artists and celebrities. The prestigious auction house Christie’s announced a partnership with OpenSea this week, to launch a series of exclusive auctions that will start from December 1 to December 3, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

At OpenSea, collectors will be able to discover and buy NFTs that have been evaluated by the prestigious company through the Ethereum network.

Among the artists auctioning off their digital artwork are Andre O’Shea, Alpha Centauri Kid, Ash Thorp, Beige, Blake Kathryn, CyberKongz and many others.