Thursday, July 29

Company of Heroes 3 Announced with Free Demo | Digital Trends Spanish

RTS games have never been the most popular, but they haven’t gone totally out of style either. And now, to the joy of his fans, it was announced Company of Heroes 3, a sequel that comes after eight years of waiting.

This third part will have two campaigns set in Italy and North Africa during the Second World War. Now, the game scheme will be more oriented to what sagas propose such as Total War, by mixing real-time strategy with a turn-based system thanks to an addition called tactical pause, which allows precisely pause the game and execute the orders to instructions while the action is stopped.

In single player campaigns you can only use allied factions, but in multiplayer you can choose other sides of the conflict.

According to its creators, the Relic Entertainment studio, the original experience of the first Company of Heroes It has stood the test of time and therefore they will keep it for this version, while adding important new elements, adjustments and improvements to unit and platoon management in general.

Another interesting detail has to do with how Relic is collecting the feedback of the community of Company of Heroes to shape the game. And based on that, from the moment of the announcement a standard version is available preview for all concerned. Based on the feedback Relic collects, the final version of Company of Heroes 3 until its release date.

And regarding the latter, Company of Heroes 3 It will be released only in 2022 on PC, on a date to be determined.

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