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Company of the ‘Pharaoh of Bitcoins’ tries to deal to return installments in 12 installments

The company “Faraó dos Bitcoins” is trying to reach an agreement with the MPF to pay back customer contributions in up to 12 installments, a kind of payment booklet. It is not clear the promised 10% yields will also be paid in this period.

Since August, the Bitcoin Pharaoh has been imprisoned by Operation Kryptos, when the Federal Police also arrested several other members of the possible scheme in Cabo Frio.

With income of 10% per month, GAS Consultoria Bitcoin raised funds from around 300,000 families, as estimated in a lawsuit that is currently in court.

But on October 5, following a court decision, the company investigated for crimes against the popular economy issued a statement stating that it would suspend its activities, interrupting withdrawals to clients. The defense now hopes to reverse that decision.

GAS Consultoria, a company belonging to the Faraó dos Bitcoins, wants to pay back contributions in up to 12 months

The new option that the defense of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin is trying with the Federal Public Ministry is to reverse the suspension of the company’s accounts, enabling it to organize payments to its customers.

This Term of Adjustment of Conduct (TAC) is being evaluated by the MPF, after a draft is filed with a power of attorney from Glaidson and that, if approved, would again release the investors’ money, with monthly payments 12 times. The file has the number PRM-SPA-RJ-00009117/2021.

The possible split was proposed with the narrative that the suspension of looting is harming about 300 thousand families in Rio de Janeiro and national territory. According to information from O Globo, the families are in a situation of economic insecurity.

The intention of splitting it up in 12 installments would be to return the full value of the investments to clients, but without overloading the national financial system.

It is not yet clear whether this agreement will be accepted by the justice and the MPF, which are following the case, but GAS’ clients are still following the case. In court, several processes have already blocked company resources at the request of customers.

What can happen on November 25th?

On November 25th, the federal court will have to evaluate the arrest of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, since on that date he will have served his first 90 days of preventive detention.

On that date, he could be released or have his prison renewed, depending on the court’s judgment, which could take a few days.

In a video published by the defense of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin last Monday (8), the actors of the content that defended the company on behalf of the lawyers stated that they will file a lawsuit with the STJ to try to recover the decision to keep Glaidson imprisoned.

In the material, the company also asked investors to calm down and that they all keep the faith, with sayings of “family” and “together we are stronger”, common in the company’s press releases based in Cabo Frio.

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