Monday, January 17

Company offers Axie Infinity scholarships to help Cubans overcome the crisis

Key facts:
  • The Crypto Gaming Club company has more than 100,000 members on its Discord channel.

  • In addition to scholarships, participating Cubans can participate for additional prizes.

The Crypto Gaming United (CGU) company has expressed its pride in being able to provide Cuban citizens with the opportunity to generate income through gaming scholarship systems to earn cryptocurrencies (play-to-earn), such as Axie Infinity, with monthly income of up to $ 1,000.

In a release published on December 7, CGU said it is “proud of its growth in Cuba” by offering scholarships that help Cuban citizens to “join the capitalist economy.” despite the regime and the economic blockade that they live.

According to the press release itself, since the company launched its scholarship system to earn cryptocurrencies through games, it has had a growth of 500%, with an increase of 300% month by month on new applicants.

Sergei Sergienko, co-founder of CGU, expressed the following: “speaking of Cuba, the last two generations have always been oppressed by the regime.” He added that “this is really an incredible step towards personal freedoms, which the blockchain and Satoshi’s vision brought to us in 2009.” It Alluding to the creation of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency.

Along with the scholarships, CGU has communicated that the participants they can opt for another series of benefits depending on their performance in the company, like pensions, bonuses and even smartphones.

For now, it is not clear how many scholarships the company has offered so far. For those interested in opting for a scholarship at CGU, they can enter the company’s Discord where they can see all the details.

The games play-to-earn a solution to the crisis

Cuba is perhaps one of the countries hardest hit by crises in Latin America, with an economic blockade that is now over 50 years old. the sources of income of Cuban citizens are quite limited. This without counting on the control exercised by the State over people. A situation that cultivates an environment conducive for P2E games to serve as a lifeline.

Much of the Cuban economy depends on tourism, which was greatly reduced due to the effects of the pandemic. Source: pdnoticias.

Although Cuba is one of the countries with the most marked crisis in the region, other countries that are going through difficult situations have seen P2E games as a good way to generate income. Venezuelans, for example, have seen in Axie Infinity, and other games, a way to generate more income.

Such has been the popularity of Axie Infinity in Venezuela, that Binance announced that in its P2P exchange market it is possible to buy and sell the native token of this game, SLP. Axie has even “sneaked in” into election campaigns, turning scholarships into political promises.

Curiously, CGU also has a Discord for Venezuela where citizens of this country can apply and opt for Axie Infinity scholarships.