Monday, May 29

Company suspected of pyramid with cryptocurrencies is the target of complaints in Cabo Frio

Cabo Frio sees a possible new pyramid with cryptocurrencies being the target of public complaints from customers. In 2021, the city that became known as “New Egypt” ended up appearing in the national news due to the large number of financial pyramids that emerged in the region.

The biggest and the one that gained the most repercussion was the case of GAS Consultoria Bitcoin, whose leader is the now imprisoned “Pharaó dos Bitcoins”, Glaidson Acácio dos Santos.

The fall of GAS Consultoria caused several other local companies that were also promising easy profits with the image of Bitcoin to close their operations. These other companies promised values ​​between 10% and 30% per month, hoping to raise funds with local investors.

The Lakes Region ended up seeing a wave of violence, with leaders of several companies being targeted, when in August 2021, a man was murdered inside his vehicle, exposing all the local schemes.

Now, the case that is being the subject of a new investigation is about the company Diamond Consulting, according to information released by the RJ Inter TV.

Diamond Consulting company is accused of pyramid with cryptocurrencies

Investors from Diamond Consultoria met in recent days at the 126th Civil Police Station in Cabo Frio to file police reports against the company.

Created by former PMs and a member of the municipal guard, the company has operated in recent months with the promise of quick and easy returns for local investors.

And according to some who spoke to Rede InterTV, an affiliate of TV Globo, the case is a clear blow to the local investor market.

As the company had as its creators servants of the public security sector, they never thought that a coup would be possible, that is, their professional position gave security to investors.

The returns offered were 15% per month, but now in 2022, the owners of the promises are gone and no longer respond to their customers. Even police officers invested in this possible scam, and one of them even contracted debt at the bank to invest in the company.

Customers claim they haven’t received the promised money for more than four months, a situation that only gets worse.

Cases of embezzlement in Cabo Frio soared in 2021

The report revealed that the Public Security Institute recorded, from January to November 2021, 621 cases of embezzlement in Cabo Frio.

This number shows that there was an increase of 15.20% compared to the same period in 2020. The increase may be related to the explosion of cases of financial pyramids in the city, considered crimes of embezzlement by the Brazilian justice.

The Cabo Frio Military Police is already investigating the participation of its agents in the possible coup.