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Company will pay $ 200,000 for a friendly face for its robots | Digital Trends Spanish

The Russian robot company Promobot offers $ 200,000 dollars to whoever offers his “friendly face” to be used indefinitely as the image of a cyborg.

Do you think the offer is irresistible? Before you decide to apply, consider that the contract contemplates the indefinite use of your face in the image of the robot. In a futuristic setting, very sci-fi movies, you will most likely spend that $ 200,000 and the world will start to fill with robots with your face. You will be, for an eternity in human terms, the face of a robot that, by the way, plans to start operations in 2023.

If you are already convinced, the fine print goes. You must be over 25 years of age, have a “friendly face” and sign an agreement with Promobot to assign indefinitely the image rights of your face to the company. You will also have to record 100 hours of audio material so that the company can mimic your voice and use it in its humanoid robots, which carry the Robo-C name.

In a note posted by CNBC It is said that the Robo-C are designed to function as companion robots in the home, with functions linked to the internet of things or the ability to read news (as if it were a smart speaker). Also, the Robo-C can be used in stores, airports, banks or museums as customer service agents.

Perhaps the name of Promobot does not tell you much, but most likely you have already seen some of its service robots, since the company has among its clients the telephone operator Vodafone and the airline Lufthansa. These robots perform exactly the same functions as the Robo-C, but their appearance is wow, robotic, nothing to do with the cyborg for whom Promobot seeks a friendly face.

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