Monday, June 5

Competition closes five games the stands of Mestalla from which Vinícius was insulted

The Competition Committee has decided to close the Mestalla stands from which Vinícius was insulted last Sunday in a match against Real Madrid for five games. The events occurred during the second part of the match and gestures and shouts “with racist overtones” were recorded towards the player. The specific area that is going to be closed is the Mario Kempes stands, where the footballer pointed out the origin of the attacks.

The anti-racist club of Valencia CF, on the insults to Vinicius: “They are the usual ultras, we denounce them and they are still there”


“It is considered proven that, as reflected by the referee in his minutes, there were racist shouts at Vinícius, a Real Madrid CF player, during the aforementioned match, altering the normal course of the game and considering the infractions very serious”, said the Competition Committee, which has detailed that a penalty of 45,000 euros is imposed on the club.

In addition to this closure of the stands and the fine that Valencia CF will have to pay, the Competition has also decided to annul the red card that the referee issued to Vinícius after a scuffle with Hugo Duro. The Committee, therefore, has accepted as valid the video evidence offered by Real Madrid to withdraw the sanction against its player.

This Tuesday, the National Police arrested three young people of Spanish nationality between the ages of 18 and 21 for hate crimes after these racist insults. Finally, and after giving a statement, they have been released, after being warned of the need to appear in court when required to do so, as sources from the Corps have confirmed to Europa Press.

The investigation, which began last Sunday, remains open while waiting to find other possible perpetrators. At the time of the events, agents from the Police Intervention Units identified one of the alleged perpetrators and, later, the investigators took various steps that concluded with the identification of two other alleged perpetrators.

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