Wednesday, August 10

Complaints for about $ 5.4 million received by Acodeco in September

The Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority (Acodeco) received 286 complaints from different consumers, for a total amount of $ 5.4 million during the month of September of this year.

The main activities that were the subject of these claims are: Real Estate 67 cases for $ 4.95 million, which represented 46.9%; sales of electrometrics or electronic equipment, 23 ($ 18,284.88); cell phone sales, 21 ($ 6,255.36); and funeral homes 18 ($ 1,936.00).

Lack of information with 87 complaints ($ 722,834.67); breach of guarantee 78 ($ 409,453.68); abusive clause 33 ($ 3,273,549.28); resolution of contract 20 ($ 5,090.35); breach of service 19 ($ 13,022.10); breach of contract 15 ($ 531,319.71); hidden defect 12 ($ 393,928.52), are among others, some of the reasons for these claims filed by consumers in the past month.

The complaints resolved in favor of consumers, during the past month, were 214 with a total of $3,692.471.32.

It should be noted that the attention to complaints submitted by consumers is one of the daily activities carried out in Acodeco, so it is the policy of this institution to provide all the facilities to guarantee the best treatment to those affected by a commercial irregularity.

From January to September of this year, they received 2,745 complaints for a total amount of $ 64.1 million.

Likewise, 1,575 were resolved, in a favorable manner to consumers, for a total sum of $ 28.1 million.

The Acodeco Remember that being heard individually or collectively is one of the rights of consumers established in the Law 45 of 2007.