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Complicated Twitter: data center overheats | Digital Trends Spanish

An extreme heat wave in California has many worried Twitteras its data center in the city of Sacramento suffered losses and serious operational problems.

“On September 5, Twitter experienced the loss of its Sacramento data center region (SMF) due to extreme weather. The unprecedented event resulted in the complete shutdown of physical equipment at SMF,” Carrie Fernandez, the company’s vice president of engineering, said in an internal message to Twitter engineers on Friday.

As a result of the outage in Sacramento, Twitter is in a “non-redundant state,” according to Fernandez’s Friday memo. He explained that Twitter’s data centers in Atlanta and Portland are still operational, but warned, “If we lose one of those remaining data centers, we may not be able to serve traffic to all Twitter users.”

The memo continues to prohibit non-critical updates to Twitter’s product until the company can fully restore its Sacramento data center services. “All production changes, including deployments and releases on mobile platforms, are blocked with the exception of changes necessary to address service continuity or other urgent operational needs,” Fernandez wrote.

The core issue with data centers is that you need stable conditions of temperature, “reliable water, power, humidity controls, and cooling to live.”

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