Tuesday, February 27

Compromís asks the Government for explanations for the Police award to José Luis Roberto, leader of the Spain 2000 ultra party

“It is absolutely intolerable and unacceptable that a man who has chaired a far-right party always involved in violent acts, a man who participated in an escrache of a woman with two children, a man who has been charged with crimes of Islamophobia and hate, and a man who is always involved in the darkest plots of the extreme right”. This is how Compromís deputy in Congress, Joan Baldoví, referred to the recognition granted by the National Police to José Luis Roberto. The Valencianist leader asks the Government Delegation to open an investigation to check if the ultra leader was worthy of such a prize.

Mónica Oltra’s complainant accuses the far-right lawyers of having left her “thrown away” after achieving her resignation

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In this same line, the Compromís senator, Carles Mulet, has expressed himself, who has presented a battery of questions to the Government related to this recognition. The Valencian parliamentarian questions the Executive about the body that decided to award this distinction “to this extreme right-wing subject and responsible for the pimps’ association”, as well as the “merits” valued for awarding him the prize. Similarly, he asks about the economic cost of the award and if this type of decision – the recognition of certain people or entities – is supervised by the Ministry.

Mulet directly questions the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska, and the entire Government and asks them if they share this recognition and if “the recognition of a person linked to the sexual exploitation of women is acceptable.” Finally, the senator from Castellón is interested in finding out if the Interior “has already opened, or when it plans to open, an investigation into this controversial decision.”

Pilar Lima, the trustee of Unides Podem in the Corts, has also reacted to the publication of this information in elDiario.es, who has censured that the Police reward the “far-right and pimp” leader, as well as criticized the presence of the mayor of Paterna, José Antonio Sagredo, who “appears and then leaves”. “Things like this tarnish the prestige of our security forces, let’s take care of them all, we’re on time,” she says.

The far-right leader José Luis Roberto, founder of the Spain 2000 ultra organization, boasted on social networks about the award he received for his collaboration in citizen security. Roberto, lawyer for the minor under guardianship who denounced the abuses of Mónica Oltra’s ex-husband, is the owner of the Levantina de Seguridad company, responsible for surveillance in the La Cañada de Paterna urbanization, a town where he received the award from the commissioner José Manuel León in an act that was attended by the mayor, the socialist Juan Antonio Sagredo who, however, was absent arguing agenda reasons shortly after the tribute began.