Wednesday, December 6

Compromís closes ranks around Mónica Oltra: “We will win this game against the right and the extreme right once again”

At the most delicate moment of her political career – last Thursday, Mónica Oltra was accused by the Valencian TSJ for the alleged cover-up of the abuses of her ex-husband (sentenced to five years in prison) to a minor under guardianship in a center dependent on the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies that she directs-, the Valencian vice president has participated this Saturday in an act organized by the coalition she represents, Compromís, which had the best motto ‘Cap to the third Botànic’. The objective of this appointment, scheduled for more than a week, before it became known that the High Court had summoned the Valencianist leader to testify as being investigated on July 6, was to vindicate the Compromís policies in the regional government when There is less than a year left for the next regional elections. However, it has become an act of support from the coalition towards Oltra, who this same Friday refused to resign, hiding behind the fact that the TSJCV’s own order acknowledges that “there is no direct evidence” of the accusations against him.

Oltra’s imputation for the management of his department in the case of abuse puts the Valencian tripartite in trouble

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Mónica Oltra, in the midst of a festive atmosphere in the presence of hundreds of Valencian supporters and militants, went up on stage shortly after 11:15 a.m. accompanied by the Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, the deputy in Congress Joan Baldoví and the Valencianist leaders Àgueda Micó and Juan Ponce to the rhythm of the song ‘Mediterranean‘ of the Valencian band La Fúmiga.

An emotional -with tears threatening in her eyes- and “overwhelmed” Mónica Oltra began her speech, the one that closed the act, with a few words dedicated to her mother, her brother and her children: “Mom, I have never left the values ​​of integrity, honesty and honesty that you and dad taught me, you can walk down the street with your face held high”; of her brother he recalled that he “did not traffic in masks or charge commissions, but rather got them for free”; He told her children that they can go “with their heads held high”, and told them that “the most important thing is that you recognize yourselves as we have educated you at home”. “Here you have me standing, because this is not a personal issue, it is a political issue.” The Valencianist leader also remembered the Andalusian elections that are being held this Sunday and she remembered Miguel Hernández’s poem ‘Andaluces de Jaén’: “Andalusia, tomorrow, get up brave”.

“There is no crack”

The first to speak, Joan Ribó, ended his speech claiming the policies of the agreement of the Botanist in the Generalitat and the Rialto in the city of Valencia showing his support for the vice president of the Consell: “There is no crack [en Compromís], let no one have any illusions”, while stressing that everything they claim this Saturday “would not have been possible without Mónica Oltra. You have been and will continue to be essential, and we are going to continue working in this direction”. And in this sense, he pointed out that what is happening in the courts, “it also has to do with your work for the rights of people and with your policies.”

Joan Baldoví remembered the name of Liverpool’s anthem, ‘You’ll never walk alone‘: “You will never walk alone, Monica; your team, Compromís, will always walk with you. It is clear?”. “If they attack one, they attack us all and we all defend it.”

Àgueda Micó, for her part, convincingly declared: “We will win this match against the right and the extreme right once again”, while assuring: “The usual ones are trying to scare us”. Likewise, he recalled that Mónica Oltra is not the first nor the only Valencianista who has suffered “political and judicial persecution”, cases such as those of Enric Nomdedéu, Rubén Trenzano or Pere Fuset, “and other mayors who have also been the object of of these practices”: “We are incorruptible and they have not been able to buy us, that is why we bother so much”.

Juan Ponce described the “political hunt” against Oltra as “despicable and unjustifiable”: “They are afraid of us and persecute us, because they have not been able to defeat us at the polls, but they will not stop us, we are going to take a step back”, and added that there have been “many” in Compromís” who have been “victims of complaints and legal proceedings that have ended in nothing, as is going to happen to you, Mónica”.

Oltra keeps the pulse

The Valencianist leader is willing to put up with the political pulse in the face of what she considers a “political hunt” by the extreme right – the lawsuit that has led to her accusation by José Luis Roberto, leader of the Spain 2000 ultra formation, and Cristina Seguí, co-founder de Vox-: “These people cannot win. It is a political question of democratic defense. Because if they do it to me they can do it to anyone.”

Oltra defends her “coherence” by not resigning: “My position is ethical, aesthetic and political.” However, the pressure is increasing every time, with an opposition that insists again and again on claiming his head, and a president Ximo Puig who, although this Friday refused to make any decision, does consider that it is necessary to “reflect and take decisions”. “It is evident that now there is a new milestone from the legal point of view, and the legal times and the political times do not coincide many times”, he pointed out.