Monday, January 17

Comptroller’s Office and MEF coordinate procedures to comply with the budget closing calendar

The Comptroller General of the Republic and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) maintain a coordination attached to compliance with the budget closing schedule, covered by the provisions of Law 176 of November 3, 2020 and which deals with fiscal year 2021.

This December 23, 2021 was the last payment date for collection procedures, payment orders from the treasuries, the last date for the registration of the invoice and the reservation commitments. Furthermore, we are evaluating the behavior of expenses, income and the situation of the reserve that should be given on the accrued”Stated the national director of Inspection of the General Comptroller’s Office, Jorge Luis Quijada.

In the meeting where the directors of the Comptroller’s Office, the Director of the National Budget, Carlos Gonzales, Dr. Marina Tapia and Roberto Lugo from the MEF participated, the issue of the contributions of some of the institutions, among them, was addressed, the Panama Canal Authority. Equally, it was highlighted that Income is necessary so that spending behaviors have their support and balance, as established by the National Constitution.

The directors of the Comptroller’s Office who were present, handle the issue of procedures to complete the budget closing.

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