Friday, October 7

Concentration in Barcelona against the judgment of the TC that annuls the regulation of rents

About 200 people from various entities, including the PAH and the Tenants’ Union, have gathered this Saturday in defense of the Catalan law that limits rental prices that has been partially annulled by the Constitutional Court (TC). The protest has been carried out under the slogan ‘The regulation is not touched’ to denounce that “speculators have used the courts to do what they did not achieve in Parliament: overthrow the Catalan rent regulation”.

Half a year of the Catalan limit on rental prices: tenants who lower their contract and uncertain impact on the market

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The spokesman for the Tenants’ Union, Enric Aragonés, has assured that the regulation of prices “has come to stay” because it is “common sense that it has to have ceilings”. “A new law is needed to regulate rents and there are several open fronts and the state housing law is one”, he has riveted.

The union criticizes that the decision of the TC “cuts” the right to housing, while “defending the interests and benefits of the real estate lobby and vulture funds.” For this reason, he warns that “rents will be regulated again”, a milestone for which he hopes to have the support of the political parties and the more than 4,000 entities that helped promote the rental law in Catalonia, now reduced.

Aragonés has criticized that “once again the TC has amended the decisions of the Parlament” and that it has done so “stepping on the right to housing”. According to the union, “it is essential that there be regulation so that tenants can live in peace.” For this reason, he has argued that “a new law is needed to regulate the price” and has reiterated that the TC “does the dirty work of the lobby property and all those who see their profits in danger when our rights advance”.

Montse Ortiz, a member of the board of Òmnium Cultural, also sees it that way. “It is a new attack on the sovereignty of the Parliament”, she has summarized, assuring that the cut of the TC is “an attack on coexistence and social cohesion”. Maria Antonia Castellana from the PAH, who has also assured that a new law will be passed soon to regulate the price of rent, has defended that they will do it again “because everyone has the right to decent housing”.

The Catalan rental law, which was approved in 2020, made it possible to limit rental prices in neighborhoods or cities where the lack of affordable housing was proven, after declaring the neighborhood or city as a stressed housing market area. In these cases, a limit was established that could not exceed the rental price reference index set by the Generalitat by 10%. According to data from the Tenants’ Union, since it came into force, more than 160,000 families have benefited.