Friday, December 8

Concept Nyx is Alienware’s “Plex gaming”: a server that can run multiple games simultaneously on any device

Alienware, Dell’s gaming brand, has unveiled its new gaming project at CES 2022. This is Concept Nyx, a server that could well be the wish of any player. Imagine that we are playing on the television and suddenly a roommate comes who wants to play his thing. With Concept Nyx it is as simple as going to the computer or laptop and continuing with the same game, while the other person can simultaneously play another game, all running from the same point.

This is what it promises Concept Nyx and for the moment it will stay there, since it is a concept. A project with which Alienware shows its idea of ​​what it will be like to play in the future. The idea is undoubtedly striking: to be able to move around the house and choose any device and continue with the game, without interruptions.

A server capable of running four simultaneous games

The example that Alienware explains is the following: imagine that we are playing ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ on the computer screen and we want to go to the sofa in the dining room. With Concept Nyx we could press a button and send the game wirelessly to the television to play full screen or even send it to split screen TV.

Alienware promises that server is capable of running up to four games simultaneously, on what would act as a Plex-style cloud platform. However, for the moment Alienware has not transmitted internal specifications nor a production schedule. Nor the cost of a server capable of running four simultaneous games.

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Compared to other cloud platforms like Google Stadia, Concept Nyx promises a very easy experience to move between devices and is more focused on allowing us to play the titles we already have on the PC, similar to what Steam Link Anywhere has been allowing for some time.

Concept Nyx 1

Concept Nyx’s own server looks like a compact tabletop tower, with a matte black finish and colored LED lights in the lower area. It is this hardware that would allow games to run quickly and that would be where the information would be processed.

Unlike platforms like Stadia or GeForce Now from Nvidia, where they are based entirely on the cloud, with Concept Nyx we would have a server for the execution, which theoretically would help reduce latency and allow greater bandwidth.

A promising idea that we would like to see materialize in the future, although last year with Concept UFO the company showed us a promising gaming PC that has not gone beyond that for now.

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