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Concern for minors who recreate The Squid Game | Digital Trends Spanish

According to Ted Sarandos, executive director of Netflix, The Squid Game is set to become the most successful series on the platform.

In a short time, this South Korean production has unleashed madness among the most fanatical. The problem is, this can get extreme.

In the last week, municipal schools in the Erquelinnes commune in Belgium have had to issue a warning due to reports of students participating in a dangerous challenge inspired by The Squid Game.

“We are very attentive to stop this unhealthy and dangerous game,” says the release which was delivered to the representatives of the different establishments.

One of the violent challenges that appear in The Squid Game. Netflix.

The game

Basically, what the minors would do is imitate the popular game “red light, green light”, which appears in the first chapter of the series.

This consists of moving when a giant doll sings and says “green light” and stopping when the light changes to red. If the participant moves when he does not correspond, he is killed by a gunshot.

In the version created by minors, the loser receives a punch. However, the authorities fear that the level of violence and aggressiveness in these games could increase.

That is why they ask parents that their children “be aware of the consequences that this can cause.”

At the moment, neither the production of the series nor Netflix executives have commented on this situation.

Meanwhile, academic authorities have indicated that they will continue to monitor student behavior to prevent this type of violent games from continuing.

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