Tuesday, May 17

Confirm cases of COVID-19 with combined omicron variants | Digital Trends Spanish

A little more than two years after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus continues to surprise. This time, with the first documented cases in the world that combine omicron (BA.1) and its subvariant BA.2.

The discovery was revealed by the Israeli Ministry of Health, which located two people infected with these characteristics. The patients were detected thanks to PCR tests carried out at Ben Gurion International Airport, located southeast of Tel Aviv.

According to the health authority, both patients had “mild symptoms of fever, headaches and muscle ailments”, so it was not necessary to provide them with “special” medical care.

“The Ministry of Health continues to monitor the results and will continue to update (the situation) if necessary,” they stated from the entity through their official Twitter account.

A research A study in Denmark, which looked at the behavior of omicron and its subvariant within a household, found BA.2 to be “inherently much more transmissible” than BA.1.

Experts from the University of Copenhagen and the Statens Serums Institute added that “it also has immunoevasive properties that further reduce the protective effect of the vaccine (…), but do not increase its transmissibility from vaccinated individuals with intercurrent infections.”

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