Friday, September 22

Confirmed: Andor will only have two seasons | Digital Trends Spanish

The Andor series of Star Wars and Disney Plus was eventually pushed back to September 21, after revealing its latest official trailer longer than two minutes.

And now the showrunner of the production, Tony Gilroy, confirmed that there will be only two seasons of the Cassian Andor stories and that the latter will connect with Rogue One. There will be 12 episodes per season.

Gilroy, speaking at Disney Plus’ virtual TCA press day said, “We’re covering a year in our first 12 episodes, which we’ve completed, we’re actually finishing our final mix in [episodio] 12 a.m. (August 4). We are going to do another 12 episodes starting in November and the organizing principle for the shoot is that we do blocks of three, so last year we were looking at the difficulty of doing five years, which seemed like it would take us the next 30 years.”

“The answer was elegantly presented; let’s take our four blocks of three [episodios] in the second half of the program and each block will represent another year closer. We can really take the formative forge of Cassian Andor in the first 12 episodes and then we can take that organism that we’ve built and run it over the next four years in a really exciting narrative way,” she added.

He added that the final scene of episode 24 “will take the audience right back to the opening scenes of rogue one«.

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