Thursday, September 21

Confirmed the case of sexist violence in Dos Hermanas: the woman bled to death after receiving a hundred stab wounds

The autopsy carried out this Thursday on the corpses of the couple found in a house in the Sevillian town of Dos Hermanas has revealed that the 53-year-old woman received a hundred “blunt incised wounds all over her body”, which caused death by “bleeding”. In the case of her husband, she has three self-punctures and the toxicological analysis confirms an “overdose of pills”.

The Police find the body of a missing woman in Seville next to the Guadalquivir and arrest her ex-partner

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The National Police has reported that the “main hypothesis” being considered in the investigation is “violence by men against women.” He later committed suicide. This would raise the number of victims of sexist violence to two in the province of Seville so far this year, after the discovery last week of the body of a woman missing since May in the section of the river that runs through the neighborhood of Saint Jerome.

The Forensic Anatomical Institute has determined that the woman has “multiple fractures in the head and nose, as well as contusive injuries throughout the body, reaching a hundred.” As a consequence of these “multiple wounds”, the woman’s cause of death is exsanguination.

Six victims in Andalusia in 2022

The Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, had already recognized hours before that “all the signs point to the fact that we are facing a new case of gender violence”. In statements to the media this Thursday at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters at the presentation of the campaign for the first operation out of the summer, Fernández has indicated that, “unfortunately”, if the results of the autopsy are confirmed, the main hypothesis, the woman of Dos Hermanas would be the second victim of gender violence this year in the province of Seville and the sixth in Andalusia. The two deceased were found after the residents of Fornet Domínguez street warned of the “bad smell” coming from the building, so the deaths could have occurred “three or five days” ago.

The woman was an active case in the VioGen protection system between 2011 and 2012, when she became “inactive” after an “acquittal” after a complaint for ill-treatment. The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, has insisted on the importance of institutions “acting together” to protect all victims of gender violence. If this is confirmed, the number of women killed by gender violence would rise to 23 in 2022 in Spain and to 1,153 since 2003.