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Conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Mars: how and when to see it | Digital Trends Spanish

The weekend that includes Saturday, February 26 and Sunday, February 27, the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere will be able to visualize an unusual astronomical phenomenon: the conjunction of Mars, Venus and the Moon.

In accordance with information published by the specialized portal Earth Sky, the phenomenon can be viewed without the need to use a telescope. However, it is advisable to use binoculars.

The conjunction can be seen with the naked eye in the following way: on the morning of Saturday 26, look towards the Moon. If you look closely, to the right of our satellite you will see two bright stars, Venus and Mars.

For Sunday, February 27, before sunrise you will see the conjunction of the three stars. The Moon, which will be in its waning phase, will have Mars above it (you can identify it as a small red sphere), while above it you will see a larger sphere with a whitish glow; It’s about Venus.

In technical data, during sunrise on Sunday, February 27, the Moon will be 14 percent illuminated and about 3.5° below Mars, just before sunrise. Meanwhile, Mars will be 4° below Venus.

Also, with some luck because of the weather conditions, a half hour before sunrise you will be able to see Saturn and Mercury aligned. However, both planets will be much dimmer, so here it is best to use a telescope.

Do not worry if you live in the southern hemisphere (hello readers from Chile and Argentina!), because the phenomenon will also be visible, although on the mornings of Sunday, February 27 and Monday, February 28.

Also, remember that 2022 is a year full of astronomical events. In this calendar you can find the most outstanding.

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