Thursday, October 28

Conservative candidate Armin Laschet folds the ballot backwards and his vote could be annulled



The conservative candidate for the German Chancellery, Armin Laschet, has folded the ballot upside down before depositing it in the ballot box for the federal elections this Sunday, so according to German electoral law it should be annulled.

Laschet has folded the sheet in such a way that it was perfectly visible to the people present who had marked the two X’s corresponding to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU)-Christian Social Union (CSU) coalition that he himself heads. Photographers have immortalized the moment.

The vote in Germany is secretThus, according to the German Electoral Commission, the voter must “fold (the ballot) in such a way that their vote is not recognizable.” If that vote is recognizable, it should be considered void during the count, reports German public television ARD.

After voting, Laschet has called for participation after exercising his vote and has highlighted the historical significance of these elections.

The Germans vote this Sunday in an election of uncertain outcome in which Social Democrats and Conservatives dispute the succession of Angela Merkel, who will leave the Foreign Ministry after 16 years in power.


Some 60.4 million voters will have to elect their deputies, although close to 40% remained undecided within days of the crucial vote in Europe’s largest economy.

The scrutiny marks the end of Angela Merkel’s 16 years in power and leaves Germany, a country with a tradition of stability, facing a new period of uncertainty.

Polls project a very close result with Merkel’s conservative bloc, the CDU-CSU, with around 23% of voting intentions, behind the Social Democrat SPD with 25%, a difference within the margin of error.

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