Thursday, July 7

Conservative deputies force an internal vote on the continuity of Boris Johnson tonight

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have to submit to a motion of internal censure this Monday after the Conservative Party received enough letters to launch the vote, as announced by the formation.

The president of the so-called 1922 Committee —which brings together conservative deputies who do not have ministries—, Graham Brady, has confirmed that there is a sufficient number of deputies requesting the vote, that is, the minimum 15% of the parliamentary group has been reached.

Voting will take place between 18:00 and 20:00 UK time. If Johnson gets half the votes (180) or more in his favor, he will stay in office. If he falls short, a process will begin to elect a new leader, with Johnson out of the running. as reported by the Guardian.

How do you vote?

All Conservative MPs will be able to take part in the secret ballot throughout the day. It is prohibited to take photographs in the room where the voting takes place to try to prevent the deputies faithful to Johnson from demanding photographic proof of their vote in favor of the parliamentarians and thus guarantee that even the members of the Executive can vote freely. MPs outside Westminster can ask a colleague to cast their vote.

Graham Brady, the chairman of the so-called 1922 Committee, is expected to announce the result in the same way as in 2018, that is, with Conservative MPs and journalists convened in the same room where the vote was held earlier in the day. He will then declare whether or not the prime minister has the confidence of the party and the number of votes in both directions. If Johnson manages to overcome the confidence motion, another one cannot be called again until after a year.