Thursday, September 21

Construction begins on the Caimitillo-Corredor Panamá Norte highway

The Ministry of Public Works (MOP) began construction work on the Caimitillo – Panama North Corridor highway, which is part of the macro project for the rehabilitation of streets in the district of Panama for the districts of Alcalde Díaz, Caimitillo, Chilibre, Ernesto Córdoba and Las Cumbres, which includes an approximate length of 91 kilometers.

This work is carried out by the MOP through the contracting company Centro Equipo SA, and it has a global advance of 38.80% for the benefit of the districts of Alcalde Díaz, Caimitillo, Chilibre, Ernesto Córdoba and Las Cumbres, which make a total of more than 312,200 inhabitants, indicates a press release from the institution.

The project begins in San Lorenzo de La Cabima and the final section of this highway is expected to connect with the North Panama corridor, whose path is currently offline.

EThis work will benefit more than 174,000 inhabitants of the districts of Caimitillo, Chilibre, Mayor Díaz and all the users who transit the North Panama corridor who are heading to Colón through the Transístmica route.

The new road will be paved with portland cement concrete. fast track with a high percentage of resistance in order to achieve a more efficient operation and increase the quality of the services offered on the country’s highways.

For the district of Caimitillo, approximately 14 streets will be rehabilitated, among them are: Belén street (via Panajungla), Cuarta Los Pinos street, Jerusalem street, New Mexico, Yaira internal branch street, among others.

The Minister of Public Works Rafael Sabonge in the company of the Vice Minister Librada De Frías, the General Secretary of Ibrain Valderrama, local authorities and the community in general participated in the symbolic act of starting work on this important road that has an approximate length of 5.60 kilometers