Wednesday, January 19

Consultations to build a Policy for the Development of the Agricultural Sector conclude

With the aim of building a State policy for the Development of the Sector Agricultural, In the long term, the fourth citizen consultation workshop ended at the Regional University Center in Metetí, Darién province.

LThe citizen consultation workshops, which were developed in the provinces of Chiriquí, Veraguas, Panama and, the latter, in Darién, They served as a stage for producers and civil society to enrich a proposal that will shield the agricultural sector, with a Law of the Republic, which must be ready in the second half of March 2022, highlights a statement from the Ministry of Agricultural Development ( Measure)

In workshops held in the country, the Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama, participated. In Darién, he exhorted the participants of the working groups to follow up on this process, which will benefit the sector.

The head of the Mida portfolio stressed that It is necessary to make agriculture a profitable sector, which with technologies improves productivity processes, so that it becomes a source of wealth and employment.

Noted that It is necessary to come up with a Law that establishes the clear and precise bases so that the man of the field has stability in the next 20 years, with an important base to defend a sector that is basic and fundamental in the development of this country and above all in the task of eliminating inequity and social inequality.

He explained that at the end of this quarter workshop will start a second round so that the producers and all those who have participated, ratify the consultation process and agree with the summary to establish the policy that will be approved by the Cabinet Council and later in the National Assembly.

The Minister Counselor for the Agricultural Sector and coordinator of the project, Carlos Salcedo, explained that through These consultations will create a strategic plan, with measurable performance indicators and a public-private council which will guarantee the monitoring of compliance with this State policy over time.

One of the commitments of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, was to develop a State policy that would strengthen the agricultural sector and make it a pillar for development, as demonstrated during the pandemic.

Máximo Sánchez, president of the Cooperativa Agroindustrial de Darién, He indicated that this is an excellent initiative because the governments that have passed have never done this to take into account national producers and especially those from Darien, who have been forgotten for years.

He added that they are arranged as producers to fight because you will be followed and that the governments that arrive later comply with the provisions of this policy.

In representation of indigenous women, Sara Omi from the Ipetí Emberá community, President of the Coordinator of Territorial Women Leaders of Mesoamerica, indicated that this type of consultation is important because it is something that has to be debated involving indigenous peoples and that women have to participate because it is time to continue building.

LThe work tables should resume next January, to work on the proposals presented, which will enter into a validation process that will serve to lay the foundations for the development of a law in March 2022, for the benefit of agriculture.