Friday, December 3

Consumer entities call for a citizen survey of + Care Prices

The representative of the consumer association pointed out that, in addition to prices, they will observe what they consider to be “fanned”, As the “change of packaging for smaller or larger containers”.

On the other hand, brochures will be delivered that “They include the price lists according to the corresponding areas” and consumer education activities will be carried out “continuously and constantly with all the associations, supporting this political will of control the market and the pocket of consumers “.

“We are also going to prepare so that when the Price Observatory (from the Ministry of Internal Trade) let us have the information necessary to glimpse the entire value chain of these products “Bassano added.

To make complaints about irregularities in prices or lack of products, Bassano urged people to contact the Consumer Defense phone number 0800-666-1518 or the Precious Care mobile app.

Finally, Bassano did not rule out expanding these survey tasks to “pharmacies in different parts of the country based on the lists provided by the Secretary of Commerce”, after the agreement reached between the Government and the laboratories, by which drug prices are pushed back to November 1 and frozen until next January 7.

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