Sunday, March 26

Consumer Reports Ranks Mustang Mach-E Above Tesla Model 3 | Digital Trends Spanish

The prestigious car magazine Consumer Reports ranked the Ford Mustang Mach-E, an electric version of the iconic American muscle car, above the Tesla Model 3.

This is pointed out in his 2022 review of the best cars available in Americain which it also places vehicles like the Honda Ridgeline as the best compact pickup or the Toyota Prius as the best hybrid.


According to the CNBC network, the choice of the Ford Mustang Mach-E strengthens Ford’s position as a serious manufacturer of electric cars, a vision spearheaded by its CEO Jim Farley.

The truth is that his choice is not the result of chance, since it is a vehicle with elegant and precise handling.

Simón Gómez said in his review for Digital Trends in Spanish that “the low center of gravity [del Ford Mustang Mach-E] generates optimal weight distribution, giving it sleek, precise handling and handling closer to that of a BMW 3 Series than a Ford Escape.”

In addition, he stressed that “its two electric motors, which drive the four wheels of the vehicle, give the Mach-E a very satisfactory version of the addictive instantaneous acceleration of electric vehicles.”

And if for Ford the choice of the Mustang Mach-E validates its efforts to successfully break into the electric car market, for Tesla it accentuates a 2022 that has not started in the best way.

Consumer Reports ranks the automaker at No. 23 out of 32. This is the worst position for Tesla in seven years, as well as a seven-level drop from where it was in 2021.

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