Friday, January 21

Consumption recalls a Ferrero Rocher chocolate

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN, for its acronym) has alerted through its official website of the recall of the product ‘Grand Ferrero Rocher Dark’, of the renowned brand Ferrero Rocher. It is a dark chocolate bonbon in which “possible undeclared traces of milk” have been detected.

As reported by AESAN, they would be requesting the withdrawal of all batches of ‘Grand Ferrero Rocher Dark’ with a preferred consumption date of April 20, 2022 (04/20/20220). The information shared is as follows:

– Product name: Dark chocolate with hazelnut

– Commercial brand: Grand Ferrero Rocher Dark

– Bar code: EAN 8000500373842

– Lots affected: “All lots sold in Spain with a preferential consumption date 04.20.2022”

– Date of preferential consumption (expiration): 04/20/2022

– Unit weight: 125 gr.

“Consumers with a severe allergy or sensitivity to milk are specifically recommended not to consume the product,” they warn. from the official website of the company. For its part, AESAN also recommends “people allergic to milk proteins” to “refrain from consuming it.”

At the same time, both Consumption and Ferrero Rocher clarify that, for those people who are not allergic, “this product does not share any risk for the rest of the population.”

As indicated by the AESAN, in addition, there is no geographical limitation as in other cases, since “this product has been distributed, practically, throughout the Spanish territory.” Therefore, the alert has already been transferred to the Coordinated System for Rapid Information Exchange so that the Autonomous Communities also act in their withdrawal.

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