Wednesday, September 28

Consumption warns of the presence of foreign metallic bodies in goat cheese rollers of the Président brand

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) has learned through the European Food Alert Network (RASFF), of an alert notification sent by the French health authorities, regarding the presence of foreign bodies in two rolls of goat cheese of the Président brand.

Although the company that markets this product in Spain is withdrawing it from all establishments, it is recommended that people who think they have it at home verify it and, if so, refrain from consuming it and return it to the point of sale. purchase.

The details of the affected product are:

Product name: Président Goat bag Sainte Maure

  • Brand: President
  • Size: 180g x 6pcs
  • Expiration: 10/10/2022, 10/13/2022 and 10/21/2022

Product name: President goat cheese Riblaire

  • Brand: President
  • Size: 1Kg X 2 pcs
  • Expiration dates: 10/24/2022 and 10/28/2022

This information has been transferred to the competent authorities of the autonomous communities through the Coordinated System for the Rapid Exchange of Information (SCIRI) in order to verify the withdrawal of the affected products from the marketing channels.

People who have products affected by this alert at home are recommended to refrain from consuming them and return them to the point of purchase.

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