Thursday, January 27

Conte announces that he will break with the populist past of the Italian M5E




With the leadership of the former prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, elected president of the 5 Star Movement in a plebiscitary way, in an online vote, the party founded by Grillo in 2009 enters a new phase. There will be a clear break with the populist past of the Movement, to move towards becoming a party left reformist, clearly pro-European.

Lawyer Conte wants to end the old circles of party power and completely renew the party’s ruling class, which so far it has been characterized by its incompetence. Lawyer Conte has put it bluntly: ‘Politics is a noble compromise. Let’s not leave it in the hands of whoever chooses that path to make a career, to quench ambitions, to pursue personal economic interests or the party to which he belongs ».

These words have been enthusiastically received by the M5E parliamentarians in the Senate, where the most loyal of Conte are. But the situation in the Chamber of Deputies is different, where a parliamentary group could be formed with those nostalgic for the first hour of the M5E (to be constituted there must be a minimum of 20 parliamentarians), because they disagree with the new orientation of the party.

The former prime minister does not want currents in the party, as has happened so far, which brought the Movement to the brink of division. Conte dreams of greater discipline, with MPs seriously studying the reports to free M5E from the party label of incompetent.

In an attempt to distinguish itself from Democratic party, with which he is part of the cabinet of Mario Draghi, the new leader of the Movement chooses the path of being a government party, but also, and above all, of struggle. Conte will show himself, yes, with the courteous tone that distinguishes the law professor that he was, before becoming prime minister by chance and govern with two opposing majorities for three years: first M5E-Liga, then M5s-Pd-Leu-Iv.

In short, the ‘people’s lawyer’, as he defined himself, will not make things easy for his successor, whom he has viewed with suspicion since he took the chair from Palacio Chigi.

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