Thursday, December 9

Contest: CriptoTendencia and XTB will reward the best trader in Latin America

Access important prizes with CryptoTrend and the XTB broker. For this, both platforms offer significant rewards through a trading contest. It should be noted that it is valid only for residents of Latin American countries.

Participating in this contest is simple. For this you must register on the XTB platform, which is free and very fast. The second step consists of participating and practicing in the training phase. It began on Sunday October 17 and ends on October 29. Finally, on Sunday the 31st comes the real competition.

In this, whoever obtains the highest profitability will receive the top prize of $ 1,500 in a trading account. In addition, another four prizes will be awarded to the top performers. These are: 2nd place: $ 200 in BTC. 3rd place: $ 100 in BTC. 4th place: $ 50 in BTC and 5th place: $ 50 in BTC.

Some important points of the CryptoTrend and XTB contest

As already highlighted, this contest sponsored by CriptoTendencia and XTB, has three phases and is exclusive to Latin America. These stages are:

  1. Free registration.
  2. Participation in training (from October 17 to 31).
  3. Royal event (October 31 to November 5).

To get an idea of ​​what the modality will be like, it is advisable to start as soon as possible in the first and second phases, which are already open. To do this, the aspiring contestant must access this link and open your account for free and in a few minutes.

It is noted that on the day of the competition, the contestant must operate a virtual account of $ 10,000 dollars. With these amounts, you can invest in cryptocurrencies among other financial assets: currencies, commodities, indices and more.

Besides Bitcoin, you can invest in other relevant cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, Chainlink, EOS and many more.

This CryptoTendencia and XTB contest becomes a great opportunity for the inhabitants of Latin America to create the bases for their investments. In this way, both platforms are committed to creating opportunities for talents in the region.

To participate in the CriptoTendencia and XTB contest, you must register on the platform, participate in the training period and October 31 will be the day the competition begins. Source: XTB

In search of the best crypto trader in Latin America

The reason for this event is to support potential winners in the world of cryptocurrency trading. These must demonstrate their qualities to operate with different types of assets, including digital currencies.

For this reason, explains Andrés Tejero, CEO of CriptoTendencia, «we want to reward the best cryptocurrency trader in Latin America».

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast and you think you have the potential to trade and get the best results, this may be your moment. Both CriptoTendencia and XTB are willing to provide all the support in the phases prior to this contest.

For this reason, the training phase is considered to be one of the most important. In it, participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the platform, in addition to putting their skills into practice.

Remember, from October 17 to 29, you can participate in the training and practice phase. From October 31 to November 5, you will have to measure yourself with other traders in Latin America to prove that you are the best.