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Contra Returns: the mythical saga returns with mobile game | Digital Trends Spanish

The mythical and legendary saga Against will be back in the near future, appropriately named for it. Konami just announced Contra Returns, what will be available for mobile from July 26.

From what can be seen towards the end of the announcement video, it is a side-forward action title, similar to the originals but now with a somewhat more modern staging; In addition, it is possible to hear the melody of the first title of the saga, which somehow warns that its creators are betting on nostalgia.

Contra Returns It will be a sequel to Contra and that includes the two protagonists of the original, Bill and Lance. But since it is a game from 2021, Konami bets on some extra additions that mainly have to do with multiplayer via the internet with modes for team play or 1 versus 1 or 3 versus 3 confrontations.

However, the traditional campaign mode will include more than 200 levels based on the original, plus a one-life mode to compare how difficult the games of today are compared to those of yesteryear.

Contra Returns is developed by TiMi Studios, a studio of the Chinese giant Tencent that has created titles such as Call of Duty Mobile or FreeFire. Precisely, a few years ago they launched a title in China called Against: Return, but for now it is not clear if it is the same game adapted for the western market or if it is a completely different development.

Whatever the case, Contra Returns will be free to play in order to Android Y ios and those interested in playing it when it is released can pre-register in the stores of their operating system. Those who do will receive some extra and exclusive gifts at launch.

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