Tuesday, October 26

Contradictions and other journalisms

As with the joke about the lame man and the bull that had escaped, the arrest of the Morlaco Puigdemont in full Catalan countries, Alghero, had a marked and celebrated victim: the dialogue table. All the press specialized in politics and the press specialized in messes agreed on this. The other victim, as usual, the Spanish justice and his reputation.

Once the police act was known, unanimous tears of joy ran between the media right and the Jacobin left. But, after the non-police part, the Italian justice, the fled president of the Catalan Generalitat was released, awaiting events, of which the Supreme Court, as the supreme institution, expects nothing good, nor the patriotic justice as an excretion of happiness. Justice.

In this, journalism has already been divided. And this in full debate and democratic demand for the separation of powers and their division: some asked the Government – the executive power – to intervene in Brussels; others claimed why he had intervened. One day, the experts of this country, including those who believe, from the fucking vision of Spain, that Europe is a dystopia, Machado would say, will have to clarify who that mr. Brussels, if it is the Commission, if the Parliament or if the Court of Justice. But we will have to wait for his master’s degree. In another case, they may discover that there is a back door to reach them, as Ignacio Cosidó discovered that there was a cathole to the Supreme Court.

In this, in the absence of Betis, I was distracted and amused by watching a game in Madrid, specifically with a billboard advertising Meatless Farm. You see, people who make hamburgers with pea meat and advertise themselves, in English, at the ribeye court. Ranchers already recognize the harmful effect of intensive livestock farming on the environment, the EU is fiscally walking down that path but it doesn’t matter. The journalists are steak except if Florentino says otherwise, you will see how we are going to get peas.

The entire government from here and there is busy with the dialogue table in Catalonia as if everything were about it. It is true, dialogue is everything in democracy, even before. These days I have seen a documentary about General Joan (Juan) Prim i Prats, Catalan military and politician from Reus, progressive, assassinated, by the way. His life is worth being known but I bring it to emphasize that in his non-nationalist times, the Catalan problem was pounding; For those most interested, I refer to much earlier, to study the Catalan experience of the Count-Duke of Olivares. Almost nothing has changed, the vision of Spain without balls on the table is still not understood and that’s how it goes.

Sánchez Castejón throws all his meat (not peas) in the bilaterality with Catalonia, in the dialogue, he does well but not when he does not understand that the Catalan problem is not oatmeal but deeper and that it depends not only on Catalonia but on vision that from the State it is had of them, the Catalans. You should see about Prim and reread his speeches in the Cortes, who was a fellow deputy and president. For this pedagogy on Catalonia he could start with his fellow Jacobin barons who are still stuck in the plateau vision of Spain that has been so backward and outdated for centuries.

In short, the air bridge continues to exist, the air bridge may end in the face of the environmental emergency and the improvement of the train but the symbolic exclusive bridge, Madrid-Barcelona, ​​remains strong and resisting the political climate change necessary for the Spanish State to be another thing.

In his vision, from Madrid, in Moncloa, they have forgotten about the others and have shown their weak flanks. Because there are other possible bilateralities and multilateralities that might not go through the capital of the kingdom.

The Andalusian president Moreno Bonilla has discovered in his drawer a Statute of Autonomy, not brushed – word of the listener Guerra – nor affected only by the Constitutional Court -, although it was apulgarated for being disabled by his government and by the previous socialist; bilaterality is contemplated in it. And now, convert or see, you have asked.

Multilateralism will come from the meeting of said Moreno Bonilla with the socialist and president of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, to talk about an expired, like the CGPJ and more, regional financing. The PP knows it and begins to move peripheral pawns; the barons of the Jacobin dissidence of the PSOE will not make you disgusted. Bellowing times.

Juan Espadas, mayor of Seville, and a socialist candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, has had a major tear in his tunic. He runs and runs, with a lot of moderation and prudence, yes, behind Moreno Bonilla, but when he runs behind for so long he ends up coming second.

The Spanish Prime Minister is very busy with the major external issues and the most spectacular internal ones and seems confident that between his government successes, which he has, and his Catalan bilaterality, all is done. We will see.

From Madrid everything looks different and that is how they want us to see it from their magnifying glass but everything is possible. The metaphor is on the island of La Palma. Fiery and eruptive symbol of the courtly culture of the philomena press. They only come when there is a show, it has been and is pathetic to contemplate brainy public and private journalists from the court discover that La Palma is a volcanic island, beyond Castellana, and run into the lava, like the children to the wavelets in the shores of provincial beaches.

It is a waste, a waste, not to take advantage of the dignity of the palm trees and the professionalism and unparalleled rigor of the Canarian journalists and the RTV de Canarias. They could learn at once, take back notes, and not consider peripheral Spain just a show.