Monday, October 18

Controversy in Argentina over the threat of the Security Minister to the cartoonist Nik



With that dialectical control of himself, the Minister of Security seemed different but calm, was soon interrupted by the storm on Twitter. Aníbal Fernández provoked an acid controversy, with the cartoonist Nik, when he identified, in the network of the little blue bird, the Hebrew school that his daughters attend. Interpreted as a veiled threat, the scandal made the front pages of newspapers, provoked the outrage of politicians, colleagues of the cartoonist (with exceptions), teacher forums and sneaked into the debate of the candidates for the legislative elections of November 14.

«Give away refrigerators (refrigerators), carafes (cylinders), graduate trips, plans (subsidies), little money, whatever, whatever comes. How sad never to hear the word work, effort, future, future. The dignity of the people will defeat them again. This tweet from the creator of Gaturro, Argentina’s most popular and international cat comic, was the trigger for a dangerous response from Aníbal Fernández.

The head of the Security portfolio forgot something similar to moderation, a trait that did not characterize him in his half-dozen long public positions that he held but that he seemed to try to absorb since this last appointment. «Many schools and colleges of the CABA (City of Buenos Aires) receive state subsidies and it’s OK. For example, the ORT school / college. Do you know her? If you know her … Or do you want me to draw you a little picture? Excellent school. I guarantee it. I repeat … Do you know her? ». This center is attended by the two daughters, minors of Cristian Dzwonik, the original name of the graphic humorist who replied with a couple of cartoons, in the same social network, “… explain where you get the personal data” of your daughters.

With criticism of the minister raging, Nik acknowledging that he was “afraid” and his daughters’ school denying that he received subsidies, Fernández made a peculiar request for forgiveness. «If for whatever reason you understood that that expression was a threat, I apologize. My rings don’t fall off. Almost simultaneously, he made statements in which he reproached the cartoonist for his criticism of the Government. But the remedy was worse than the disease. Even the former president Mauricio Macri he intervened on Twitter where he described his tweet as “horrible” and his attitude as a “biopsy that demonstrates the complete alienation in which the government finds itself.” Also the Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, described as “barbarity” that “an official exposes the children of a person and brings their data to light in retaliation because he received criticism from him.” ADEPA (Association of Journalistic Entities of Argentina) condemned Fernández’s “intimidating expressions” and the Professors Republican group, made up of prestigious teachers and intellectuals, issued a statement where it regretted: of citizens, uses ministerial structures and abuses them, to instill fear and generate uncertainty regarding the integrity of those who are the target of its threats.

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