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Convert old planes to electric: this company wants emission-free passenger travel in 2026

Yet we are trying to travel with just under 2% waste biofuel, but there are already those who think of the electric plane. The Spirit of Innovation de Rolls-Royce, the hybrid by VoltAero O the Harbor Hair seaplane they are proofs of it.

Wright Electric, an American startup, wants to go one step further, converting old airplanes into electric for short national trips.

A roadmap for 2026

Wright Electric is a startup that wants to create electric airplanes from old models. The project they are working on is based on BAe (British Aerospace) 146, a British jet plane that can accommodate up to 128 seats and that was built between 1983 and 2002.

From this base, a prototype with two electric motors and three conventional motors has been created. Nevertheless, the goal is for all motors to be electric by 2026.

It is expected that the Wright 1, the name that this aircraft will receive, will have 10 electric motors of 2 MW each, with a total power of 20 MW. It is expected to be able to fly in 2026, although the final launch is planned for 2030.

“The path was set in early 2020 with Wright’s announcement and the development of its megawatt propulsion system for an all-electric commercial aircraft. Over the past two years, the company has been testing key system components, as a high-efficiency, power-density inverter and a 2 MW (2,700 hp) engine. The current hydrocarbon-based powertrain will be replaced by Wright’s emission-free, all-electric powertrain. “

The company is currently developing such 2 MW engines, although the big question here is how feasible it will be to build an aircraft with such a battery pack with current technology.

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