Friday, February 23

Convicted in Italy a guru and a doctor who treated a cancer patient with infusions

Three years and four months for voluntary manslaughter. This was the known sentence on September 23 for a guru of a holistic center and a doctor for the death in Italy of a woman after the removal of a mole on a kitchen table without anesthesia and having been cured for two years with sugary infusions and meditation.

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The woman was 40 years old and died in October 2020 at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, where she arrived in desperate conditions due to multiple metastases caused by a melanoma that had been diagnosed months after the removal of the mole on her back, according to the reconstruction published by the Italian newspaper The Republic. The operation had been performed by the doctor Paolo Oneda at the Anidra holistic center, in Borgonasca, in the Italian province of Genoa. The intervention had been witnessed by the center’s guru Paolo Bendinelli.

The prosecution had requested a 16-year sentence for him (also accused of sexual violence and abuse of people with disabilities), 14 years for Oneda and 10 for the center’s psychologist, who has finally been acquitted. The judge finally sentenced with abbreviated procedure on September 23 the other two defendants only for reckless homicide. The administrator of the center is also charged with ordinary procedure and is accused of circumventing the incompetent for having asked the victim for thousands of euros to finance the center.

a long agony

After the removal of the mole – carried out without anesthesia and without a histological examination being done – the woman began to suffer severe pain and general discomfort, but the defendants advised her to cure herself with “infusions and meditation” or “purifying immersions” in the river that was near the center, according to the reconstruction made by the prosecution and the police, also based on the messages that the victim exchanged with the guru.

The investigations of this case have crossed with the complaint of the parents of another woman who, according to her parents, had been duped and forced to have sexual relations with the center’s guru. The structure, which was bought last June by people close to the old administration, continues with its activities, as read in a note published on its website.