Monday, November 29

Cooperatives of Coclé receive $ 4,500 for the Ipacoop

Economic contributions by $4,500.00 and one Legal Status to a new cooperative, the Executive Director of the Cooperative Autonomous Panamanian Institute (Ipacoop), Edwin Navarro, in the province of Coclé.

The Cooperativa de Pescadores Artesanales de El Salado, RL, he became, upon receiving his Legal Status. in a new cooperative company, and also received from the Ipacoop $1,500.00 as seed capital for the start of its operations.

It was a joint effort in which the Aquatic Resources Authority (ARABIC).

For its part, The Cooperativa Un Solo Reinado, RL and the Cooperativa Alianza Por El Progreso, they received $1,500.00 each, from the hands of the Executive Director of the Ipacoop.

The cooperatives will use these funds to purchase seeds and agricultural tools, in order to increase production.

Navarro stressed that support will continue to be provided to cooperatives so that they grow and become stronger and that their associates can improve their income.

These funds correspond to Self-sustaining Family Farm Program, that has carried out the Ipacoop nationwide, where more than $ 146,000 has been delivered, and impacting some 15,000 people.

In this activity, Navarro was accompanied by the Provincial Director of Coclé, Hilgan Alvarado, and the Director of Cooperative Development, Cynthia Castillo.

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