Friday, December 3

COP26 head Sharma delays’stocktake’ at climate summit for more talks

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GLASGOW — Britain’s COP26 president, Alok Sharma, delayed a stocktake of the climate talks on Saturday, saying delegations needed more time to discuss issues to get closer to agreeing a deal to end a United Nations summit in Glasgow.

After the so-called informal stocktaking plenary was delayed by delegations having chats on the floor of the summit hall for more than 90 minutes, Sharma said: “I have decided that I think it would be useful to allow a little bit more time for these discussions to take place.”

“It is my intention that we will close this COP this afternoon. This will close, and at the end of the day, what is being put forward here is a balanced package, everyone’s had a chance to have their say.”

The plenary would restart at 1430 GMT, he added. (Reporting by William James and Jake Spring, writing by Elizabeth Piper)

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