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Coppola, the representative: Maradona’s manager arrives at Star+ | Digital Trends Spanish

A new soccer series will leave Argentina in 2024, it is about Coppola, the representativethe story behind Guillermo Coppola, the manager of Diego Armando Maradonawhich will see light in StarPlus and that began its production process, casting and first scenes.

The actor in charge of playing the controversial manager will be Juan Minujinand is written by Mariano Cohn, Gaston Duprat Y Emmanuel Ten, and directed by Ariel Winograd.

other characters are Monica Antonopoulos (Amalia “Yuyito” González), Joaquin Ferreira (Poly Armentano), Abel Guerrero (Alejandra Pradon), alan sabbagh (Marian), Augustine Sullivan (Carlos Menem Jr.) and mayte rodriguez (Sophie).

The series will be filmed in the cities of Buenos Aires and Naples, and its cast is completed by Mary Fields (Suzanne), Frederick Baron (Daniel Scioli), Mary of the Hill (Karina Rabolini), Santiago Bandé (Young William Coppola), Anna Favella (Domenica), Yayo Guridi (Skinny Hose), Tete Coustarot (Presenter), diego perez, Nicholas Matthew (Cuneo Libarona), Roxana Randon (Anne, the mother of Guillermo Coppola) and Fabian Arenillas (Nestor Ibarra).

“The fictional series revolves around William Coppola the manager of one of the most famous soccer players in the world, who tries to reconcile his hectic private life with a full-time job that leads him to deal with the unusual consequences of the actions of his client, whose sporting zenith is quickly followed by a stage of frank decadence”; notes the synopsis of it.

Coppola, the representative It will have six episodes, with a duration of 45 minutes.

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