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Corinna Larsen and the millionaire who paid opaque expenses to the king emeritus shared a partnership in Seychelles

The German businesswoman Corinna Larsen, former partner of Juan Carlos I, and the millionaire Allen Sanginés-Krause, who is being investigated by the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office for paying opaque expenses to the king emeritus and some members of his family, shared a partnership in the Seychelles islands – an archipelago considered a tax haven for the EU until this Tuesday – as revealed The country within the framework of the Pandora Papers investigation coordinated by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

The EU thins its list of tax havens amid the Pandora Papers scandal

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It is a company called Fortuna Ventures Ltd, incorporated into the Seychelles registry on October 1, 2009, and of which Larsen is a shareholder through the instrumental Apollonia Holdings and Sanginés-Krause through Montpascal Holdings. On June 2, 2010, Apollonia Holdings GMBH issued an invoice for 30,000 euros to Montpascal Advisory Services, the Mexican millionaire’s company, without specifying the reason. The invoice was sent to the address of Montpascal Advisory Services, in Killua Castle, a castle that the businessman owns in Ireland, where the emeritus has taken refuge on some occasions.

Larsen, who has worked for years as a commission agent through his companies, is being investigated by the Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa for an alleged offense of aggravated money laundering for having received in an account in the Bahamas 64.8 million from a Swiss account of the emeritus king, “a gift” after five years of extramarital relationship with the monarch, according to the lawyers of the German businesswoman.

Of Mexican origin and based in London, Sanginés-Krause has spent most of his career at the investment bank Goldman Sachs, where he was the top manager in Mexico and Russia. He owns the castle of Killua, in Ireland, where the emeritus has taken refuge on some occasions. He was also president of the telecommunications company Millicom and controls several real estate companies. He is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court for the payments to Juan Carlos I and other members of his family, among whom are not the current kings or their daughters.

Towards the closure of the investigations against the emeritus

The Prosecutor’s Office intends to close the triple investigation into the fortune of Juan Carlos I without denouncing him for any of the causes that it maintains open today. A movement that, according to this Wednesday The confidential, will launch the Public Ministry after more than a year of investigation by the Office of the Supreme Court and Anti-Corruption with three open lines: the commissions for the award of the AVE to Mecca, the use of opaque cards revealed by ElDiario. es and the millions he supposedly hid in the Jersey tax haven.

The decision, points out that media, will materialize in the coming weeks. According to this information, the prosecutors in the case have come to the conclusion that Juan Carlos I cannot be denounced in any of the three cases due to the crossed action of his immunity as monarch until 2014, the prescription and the validity of the regularizations that he has made to be at peace with the Treasury. The arguments have not yet been put in writing and different sources in the case insist to that they continue to work on the case but the decision, according to this information, has been taken and will be released in the coming weeks.

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