Saturday, December 4

Corona and work: Home office, short-time work, vacation, quarantine – employees now need to know that

Home office during the corona pandemic

It looks different if you could just as easily do your work from home. Assuming you have the necessary technology such as a laptop, a headset or a telephone and access to all programs that you need to be able to do your job in the home office. However, you can also then don’t just stay at home without asking, but have to clarify this with your company.

With a new resolution which came into force in early 2021, the federal government obliges employers to enable their employees to work from home. This means that your boss must allow you to work from home – if your job allows it. Since the smooth running of the company is also in the interests of the bosses, most employers ensure that their employees are also equipped with the necessary technology in the home office.

Tip: If you have to buy a laptop, printer or the like for your home office yourself, you can deduct this from your tax. This is namely work equipment that can be specified under advertising expenses.

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