Thursday, October 6

Correos will announce its largest public job offer in decades with 5,377 permanent jobs

Correos announced today the call for 5,377 positions to enter as permanent workforce. This call is the largest public job offer of the company in decades and includes positions in the areas of Distribution, Agent-Classification and Customer Service, indicates the public company in a statement.

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Know more

“For reasons of efficiency, the general interest and the rationality of the processes,” Correos points out, the general bases that will govern the hiring process for the definitive coverage of these 5,377 jobs will be made public soon. All the information can be consulted on the Correos website

Said bases will be developed later “guaranteeing the principles of publicity, merit, capacity and equal treatment of women and men,” the note states.

“With this call, the Correos brand is reinforced as a quality employer and the company’s commitment to stable employment and the professional development of its employees,” indicate sources from the public company. Likewise, “a stable framework of labor relations is guaranteed and talent is promoted as an accelerator of the change that is taking place in the company in the face of new challenges and the demands of our clients.”

Contents and agenda

Correos will publish its own and official contents of the agenda, which will be made available to the general public in the first half of 2022.

Subsequently, the offer of jobs at the provincial level and its characteristics will be published, and the term and the form of presentation of the applications will be opened. Predictably, the entrance exams will be held in November 2022.