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Corruption comes from society itself and we must be forceful to stop it

“The corrupt is generated in his upbringing at home and in the society where he is born, he grows up where he learned the best that he is not worth it. “As citizens we must correct it and invite them to join, if they do not join the proposal of mutual benefits, we must censor and neutralize them and exclude them from public work because they will harm us,” emphasized psychiatrist Rogelio Moreno.

During the conversation “Scientifically understanding corruption”, organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap), the expert showed that the corrupt are not the objects, but the subjects. Therefore, he introduced his dissertation with the question. “Understanding the corrupt.” How do we let them get there? If they are corrupt.

“We must realize that this is their (corrupt) mind. Do not believe their story, or manipulations, we have to defend ourselves against them and identify them and the other thing is to act to correct and censor them. The good guys have to unite so as not to be afraid and not be different and let them fill the spaces that we are leaving them and that is where they take advantage of it for their own benefits, we have to act with small actions such as not urinating or throwing garbage in the street, or steal from the treasury, he highlighted according to a press release from the Cciap.

In his opinion, “Corruption is a public health problem that affects us all.” Health is a biological, psychological and social issue and socially it is difficult to live in a corrupt society, because we are always under stress, inefficiency, worries and insecurity ”.

He also stressed that “the corrupt are not in public functions enjoying and creating a common good or a law that has an impact on others. His pleasure is not to help the public, but for his interest is what there is for me. Scientifically, a public official must have an interest in helping others ”, he stated.

Moreno is an expert in psychiatry and a therapist. He explained that in his study on the subject that began in 2006, he reflected that through the laws and constitutions that organize society, it has been seen that the corrupt are not corrected in a harmonious coexistence. His proposal is based on trying to understand what the corrupt have in their mindsAlthough their minds have very particular purposes, selfish, very egocentric, no matter how hard they try to dialogue with them, they will not change.

For the above, he said “If I know this then they will not change, my handling must be different through a correction and censure it with our actions towards them on a day-to-day basis, not through the laws, because they complicate and play with the laws and juggle. Our coordinated, forceful actions can convey to you that we disapprove of your actions, “added the expert.

Moreno, when asked if the system corrupts the corrupt, indicated that “they are and come from us as a society. And examining his proposal, he wonders why we let him get there ”. In his opinion, it is because “we operate the same day to day, we throw garbage on the streets, we copy ourselves, we cross the double yellow line, the handling is terrible and there is no civility. In that sense, they emerge from this traumatized nation. The only thing that they have a much more particular interest due to their vulnerability to operate for their benefit. Panamanian society must act in coordination and correct it and not let it get there ”.

Dr. Rogelio Moreno, when asked by journalists whether the Panamanian justice system is to blame, was emphatic in pointing out that the problem is not of justice, but of who exercises justice, for that reason the proposal is of human conduct. “Behind justice there are people, judges who have fears and who have corruption in their minds and we also have to censor and correct them with our actions,” he added.

In this regard, during her introductory remarks to the discussion, Marcela Galindo, vice president of the CCIAP, stated “what we see and experience as a society is not only worrisome in the here and now; As we have said, the message that the generation that follows is receiving is “being corrupt pays and has no consequence”; this is bad.

For this reason, he mentioned that the CCIAP resumed the #RespetaMiFuturo campaign, “The call for citizen conscience must be increasing, we have to make more noise and remind our fellow citizens that there are principles and values ​​that enrich us as a society and allow us to develop as a country in a sustainable way. The opposite will only condemn us to failure and plunge us into the poverty of a country without any conscience ”.

In addition, he invited the participants that after listening to Dr. Moreno, let’s ask ourselves, What am I doing to make our reality different? What am I transmitting and instilling? “The change is in each one of us, where there is a corrupt person there is a corrupter, where one of the two disappears the other ends up being eliminated. Let’s be agents of change. We insist Let us respect the future of Panamanian children and adolescents! The principles of honesty and respect for human dignity are unshakable ”.

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