Friday, December 3

Cortizo heads the commemorative acts of the 200 years of the first independence cry in La Villa de Los Santos

With the presence of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo, Was held in The Village of Los Santos the 200 years of the first cry of independence of Panama from Spain, beginning the commemoration of the Bicentennial.

Cortizo headed the protocol acts, which began in the Rufina Alfaro Park with the raising of the national flag and the flag of the Los Santos district, as well as the placement of a floral offering before the bust of the Liberty.

Subsequently, the president Cortizo rcarried out the traditional route from the Rufina Alfaro Park to Simón Bolívar Park, together with ministers of state and local authorities.

“That cry for freedom 200 years ago is attributed to Rufina Alfaro, a humble and brave woman of this community, of great beauty and determination, and despite the disagreement between historians about her existence, she represents the courage and patriotism of the Santeña woman ”, said Cortizo in his speech from the Municipal Palace.

Cortizo mentioned that the memory of those famous Santeños who fought for independence, contributing to the birth of the nation, is also honored.

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