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Cospedal declares in Kitchen: Villarejo’s agendas, the recording in Genoa, her husband and subordinates

María Dolores de Cospedal, number two of the Popular Party for a decade, will declare this Tuesday as being investigated in the Villarejo case. His accusation is part of the piece that investigates the “parapolicial” espionage of the former treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas, in order to sabotage the judicial investigation of the most serious case of corruption that has affected the conservatives, the irregular financing of the training during at least twenty years.

Villarejo wrote down a plan with Cospedal and her husband to raise the last defendant in Kitchen as chief of the Police

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From the first cars of that separate piece, opened in 2018, Judge Manuel García-Castellón alludes to an operation to benefit “leaders of the Popular Party”, that is, those who would be splashed by box B, as well as connoisseurs of the irregular financing system as well as for being recipients of bonuses.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office specifies the figure of María Dolores de Cospedal, who would be the beneficiary of the operation “directly”, as the political brigade sought compromising documents for her and other leaders such as Mariano Rajoy; and “indirectly”, as secretary general of the party at the time that the Kitchen operation was developed.

María Dolores de Cospedal had to leave politics due to the publication in 2018 of a conversation recorded in 2009 by Commissioner Villarejo on the seventh floor of Genoa, in which she and her husband, Ignacio López del Hierro, propose “specific jobs” to the allegedly corrupt police in the middle of the outbreak of the Gürtel case, the mother cause that led to box B. These are the indications against Cospedal in the summary of the Kitchen case and for which he must respond in his statement as investigated this Tuesday.

The recordings

“Would you accept specific jobs?

July 2009. Villarejo, a sort of released agent from the General Commissioner of the Judicial Police, the same structure that houses the agents investigating Gürtel, accesses the national headquarters of the PP through the garage. On the seventh floor, the same one where Mariano Rajoy has his office, he is welcomed by María Dolores de Cospedal, number two of the party, and her husband, Ignacio López del Hierro, who has known Villarejo for a long time. It is the first time that Cospedal has seen the commissioner. The meeting takes place in the office of number two of the PP.

At the meeting, the general secretary and López del Hierro asked the active police officer if he would accept “specific assignments” and he answered affirmatively. The whole Kitchen operation cannot be explained without this recording. It is there where the relationship between politics and the allegedly corrupt commissioner starts.

Cospedal is concerned about the Gürtel case, which had broken out in February, and that nine years later would evict the PP from power with its first sentence. Key to this case is the pendrive that the UDEF had seized from the Gürtel accountant. Villarejo says at one point in the conversation: “We have done everything possible to break it.” He also speaks of the head of the UDEF, the now accused José Luis Olivera, as “a man of ours.” The recording was published by and is already incorporated into the case, according to an Anti-Corruption brief.

“La Cospe, the Cock passed it to me … I was in a bad way

January 25, 2017. The Villarejo group acts so that one of its members, José Luis Olivera, under investigation who declares this Monday, becomes the Deputy Director of Operations for the Police (DAO) and thus control any investigation against them. The commissioner points out that they resort to the Cospedal-López del Hierro marriage and that they intercede, ultimately without success. In this recording, Villarejo and the businessmen Adrián de la Joya and Alberto Pedraza Jorde speak. Villarejo recounted a meeting that he had with Cospedal’s husband about her confrontation with Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, then vice-president: “Cospe was there when El Polla passed her to me. [López del Hierro], because he believed … in Villamagna too, and he was in a bad way … But what does the vice president look like in the appointment of the DAO “.

“La Cospe says they have already spoken with the president

February 17, 2017. Villarejo records the conversation he has with fellow curator Enrique García Castaño. The information on the Kitchen and other cases of alleged police corruption intensify and the first one talks about his contacts with the Government and the PP. Commissioner García Castaño had been dismissed from his post at the head of the Central Operational Support Unit (UCAO) by the Interior team that replaced Jorge Fernández Díaz. Enrique García Castaño asks: La Cospe, what does he say about all this? And Villarejo responds: “No, the Cospe such, that I do not know what, that they already spoke with the president …”.

The messages on the phones

“I met La Cospe and her husband. They told me that the issue had to be settled by now

February 15, 2017. Two days before the previous conversation, García Castaño spoke with Francisco Martínez, a former Interior number two, who was also investigated. García Castaño assures about his dismissal: “I met with Cospe and her husband. They told me that the issue had to be settled already, that he would talk to me. According to the SES [el nuevo secretario de Estado de Seguridad José Antonio Nieto, próximo a Cospedal en el PP] He already gave the order for me to be changed and clandestinely to re-assemble the Catalan theme. I don’t know whether to trust me. ”

“It is not necessary that I tell her because she knows very well what there is

September 25, 2018. Francisco Martínez speaks on WhatsApp with his wife about a conversation that the former has had with Cospedal about the alleged audio files of Bárcenas with Rajoy. Martínez answers: “I don’t have to tell her because she knows very well what there is.”

“The main culprit of what is happening is the lady who raised the leader

Oct 22, 2018. Francisco Martínez speaks with an old and close collaborator of the Ministry. He worries about Martínez’s personal situation when his accusation is already being discussed. The former collaborator affirms: “The main culprit of what is happening is the lady who raised the leader”

“My great mistake in the Ministry was being loyal to miserable people like Jorge or Rajoy or Cospedal

Oct 23, 2019. Martínez maintains a conversation on WhatsApp with the president of the National Court, José Ramón Navarro. Martínez writes: “As you know very well, my great mistake at the Ministry was to be loyal to miserable people like Jorge or Rajoy or Cospedal. And from that, fortunately, I have everything very clear and very easy to prove. And I assure you that it is the last what I wanted to do. ”

The curator’s agendas

“He agreed to transmit to the relative. She arranged to see Peláez in the afternoon

November 9, 2012. During the investigation into Villarejo, indications of the project that he wrote for a lawyer, now deceased, Ignacio Peláez, defender of those investigated then in the Gürtel case, have appeared. The SMP project sought the nullity of the judicial investigation of the case that has done the most damage to the PP. The judge says that there are no indications of Cospedal’s participation in that assignment, but has found an entry in Villarejo’s agenda that alludes to a contact between the aforementioned lawyer and the general secretary the PP. Villarejo has met with López del Hierro and notes: “He agreed to transmit to the relative. She would see IGN PELAEZ in the afternoon.”

“Cospe: I fully support everything. He sends me José L. Orti with 100 and promises 50 more on Monday. I agree to inform you

December 6, 2012. Less than a month after the meeting referred to in the previous note, Villarejo points out: “Cospe: Full support in everything. He sends me José L. Orti with 100 and promises 50 more on Monday. I remain to inform her.” The annotation, which alludes to an alleged payment by the general secretary to the commissioner investigated for being corrupt and that El País advanced, alludes to Cospedal’s chief of staff, José Luis Ortiz Grande, who will also declare as being investigated this week.

“They have proposed to the Oli of DAO

November 16, 2016. Villarejo summarizes the content of eleven conversations held that day with politicians, businessmen and with Commissioner Olivera, the last of those implicated who has been charged. One of the annotations alludes to what was spoken with Ignacio López del Hierro, María Dolores de Cospedal’s husband: “I conveyed my regret for the treatment of the former minister. He insists that they have proposed the DAO Oli.”

“He says that Cospe called Zoilo and told him about his treatment of me

May 24, 2017. “ILH: 13 H. Villamagna. He says that Cospe called Zoilo [en alusión a Juan Ignacio Zoido] and he condemned him for treating me. “This entry in Villarejo’s agendas reflects a meeting of the commissioner with López del Hierro. Juan Ignacio Zoido was the Minister of the Interior who succeeded Fernández Díaz and on that date the indications against Villarejo in different Cases of police corruption surfaced, and six months later he would be arrested and go to prison accused of leading a criminal organization.

The circle of Cospedal

Ignacio López del Hierro. “ILH” in the agendas; “El Polla”, in the conversations between Villarejo and his collaborators. Cospedal’s husband is an old acquaintance of the commissioner, from before the businessman married María Dolores de Cospedal. References to him are constant on the policeman’s agendas. Villarejo constantly resorts to him to request the intermediation of the general secretary of the PP, even when she was already a member of the Government, in the post of Defense Minister. López del Hierro was never charged before despite flying over several corruption summaries. In Bárcenas’ papers, he appears as a donor of box B, but he denied at trial that he was “López Hierro” or “López H”. A popular prosecution denounced him for false testimony.

Andrés Gómez Gordo. “Andy” or “Cospedín” in the agendas. The policeman who has done business for years because of his proximity to the Popular Party [ver este perfil] is key in the Kitchen operation. He began to participate in it while on leave, when he was the shadow of Cospedal in the Presidency of Castilla-La Mancha. He reentered the Police to monitor the mole who had infiltrated the Bárcenas family, the driver Sergio Ríos, whom he had known for years.

José Luis Ortiz Grande. “JL Orti “in the agendas. Cospedal’s chief of staff in Castilla-La Mancha, in the Ministry of Defense and in the General Secretariat of the PP. His name has broken into this last section of the investigation with the seizure of new agendas from Villarejo as an alleged connoisseur and intermediary of the Kitchen and in another of the commissioner’s businesses.