Saturday, April 1

Cospedal does not understand that Vox is “demonized”: “It is as democratic as anyone”

The former president of Castilla-La Mancha, former Minister of Defense and former Secretary General of the PP, María Dolores de Cospedal, has assured that she does not understand that it “looks good” that the PSOE governs “with Podemos or with Bildu” and that at the same time “it is demonized to a political party like Vox”.

“If you have to govern with Vox, then you will govern with Vox”, he said in an interview with Castilla-La Mancha Media collected by Europa Press, in which he adds that “Vox is as democratic a party as any other” which also “You don’t have to apologize for thinking the way you think.”

Thus, remember that there are also other parties on the national scene, for example, “philo-terrorists or separatists” and that they are also part of the board.

In this line, he assures that he understands that the PP voters would accept an agreement with Vox to govern both nationally and regionally. “It could even be simpler than that the PSOE militants have seen an agreement with Bildu, ERC or with the communists.”

Kitchen case investigation: “It gives a lot of play” to the PSOE

The former general secretary of the Popular Party, María Dolores de Cospedal, has assessed for the first time in an interview the role of the Investigation Commission in the Congress of Deputies regarding the Kitchen case and its possible involvement in espionage on Bárcenas, assuring that this parliamentary tool has been proposed as a political “strategy” of the PSOE: “It gives them a lot of play”. In addition, she has stated that “everyone knows” what her way of acting has always been.

“If a person — Commissioner Villarejo — tells you that he is going to tell you about things that may be important or interesting for the country or even because there is an anomalous situation in your party, you have the obligation to listen to him. bad,” he asserted. In her opinion, she has been implicated in things in which she had “nothing to do” just because she was secretary general of the PP. Even, he assures him, the opinion of the Investigation Commission “was made long before the appearances.”